Recent Traffic Law Passed by the Lagos State Assembly

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This Lagos State House of Assembly has passed a bill for a law to repeal and re-enact the road traffic laws and to make provisions for road traffic and vehicle inspection in Lagos State.

The new amended traffic law which was passed last week includes the following provisions:

      I.        Driving in a direction prohibited by the road traffic laws (that is driving against traffic, popularly known as ‘one way driving’) now attracts a three-year jail term, while a first time offender gets a one-year jail term; with the vehicle used for this breach being  forfeited to the state government.
a.    Bullion vans are not exempted from the law as any bullion van driven in a direction prohibited by the road traffic law will be forfeited to the state.
    II.        Abandoned vehicles on the highway will be (a) fined N50,000.00 (b) their owners will be imprisoned for three years or (c) the owners will be both fined and imprisoned.
   III.        Riding a motor-cycle against traffic or riding on the kerb, median or road setbacks will attract a fine of N20,000.00 for first time offenders, while subsequent offenders will be fined  N30,000.00 or the rider’s motor-cycle will be impounded.
  IV.        Smoking while driving will attract N20,000.00.
    V.        Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a round-about will attract a N20,000.00 fine.
  VI.        Disobeying traffic controls will attract a N20,000.00 fine.
 VII.        Violation of routes by commercial vehicles will attract a N20,000.00 fine.
VIII.        Riding motor-cycles without a crash helmet  will (a) attract a N20,000.00 fine (b) three years imprisonment or (c) both a fine and imprisonment for the rider and his/her passenger.
  IX.        The law prohibits under-aged persons (below eighteen years old) from riding a motorcycle and imposes a fine of  N20,000.00 for breach of this requirement.
    X.        Operating a motor-cycle in a restricted area or prohibited route will attract a fine of N20,000.00 or the rider’s motor-cycle will be impounded.
  XI.        Any person driving without a valid driving license will have his/her vehicle impounded.
 XII.        Learning drivers without a learner’s permit will receive a fine of N20,000.00.
XIII.        Driving with a fake vehicle plate number will attract a fine of N20,000.00 for first time offenders, along with six months imprisonment or both  imprisonment and a fine for subsequent infractions.


Actually culled this piece from a colleague who sent it to my mail, and felt I should share it. 


As we celebrate this year children’s day, let me add the benefit of my time as a student and then resident in the UK before coming back to work in Nigeria. The first thing that I discovered about UK-born, white, English undergraduates was that all of them did holiday or weekend job to support themselves - including the children of millionaires amongst them. It is the norm over there - regardless how wealthy their parents are. And I soon discovered that virtually all other foreign students did the same - the exception being those of us status-conscious Nigerians.

I also watched Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Airline) speaking on the Biography Channel and, to my amazement; he said that his young children travel in the economy class -even when the parents (he and his wife) are in upper class. Richard Branson is a billionaire in Pound Sterling. A quick survey would show you that only children from Nigeria fly business or upper class to commence their studies in the UK . No other foreign students do this. There is no aircraft attached to the office of the prime minister in the UK - he travels on BA. And the same goes for the Royals. The Queen does not have an aircraft for her exclusive use.

These practices simply become the culture which the next generation carries forward. Have you seen the car that Kate Middleton the lass married to Prince William drives? VW Golf or something close to it. But there's one core difference in them and us (generally speaking). They - the billionaires among them work for their money, we steal ours!

If we want our children to bring about the desired change we have been praying for on behalf of our dear country, then please, please let's begin now and teach them to work hard so that they can stand alone and most importantly be content, and not have to "steal". This seems to be the norm these days.

"30 is the new 18", which seems to be the new age for testing out the world in Nigeria now. That seems to be an unspoken but widely accepted mindset among the last 2 generations of parents in Nigeria .

At age 18 years, a typical young adult in the UK leaves the clutches of his/her parents for the University, chances are, that's the last time those parents will ever play "landlord" to their son or daughter except of course the occasional home visits during the academic year.

At 21 years and above or below, the now fully grown and independent minded adult graduates from University, searches for employment, gets a job and shares a flat with other young people on a journey into becoming fully fledged adults.

I can hear the echo of parents saying, well, that is because the UK economy is thriving, safe, well structured and jobs are everywhere? I beg to differ and I ask that you kindly hear me out. Driven to school every day, had my clothes washed for me, was barred from taking any part-time job during my A-levels so that I could concentrate on studying for my exams?! BUT, I got the opportunity to live apart from my parents from age 18 and the only time I came back home to stay was for 3 months before I got married!

Am I saying that every parent should wash their hands off their children at age 18? No, not at all, of course, I enjoyed the savings that I made from living on and off at my parent's house in London - indeed that is the primary reason for my being able to buy myself a 3 bedroom flat in London at age 25 with absolutely no direct financial help from my parents!

For me, pocket money stopped at age 22, not that it was ever enough for my lifestyle to compete with Paris Hilton's or Victoria Beckham's. Meanwhile today, we have Nigerian children who have never worked for 5 minutes in their lives insisting on flying "only" first or business class, carrying the latest Louis Vuitton ensemble, Victoria 's Secret underwear and wearing Jimmy Choo's, fully paid for by their "loving" parents.

I often get calls from anxious parents, my son graduated 2 years ago and is still looking for a job, can you please assist! Oh really! So where exactly this “child” is my usual question. Why are you the one making this call dad/mum?

I am yet to get a satisfactory answer, but between you and me, chances are that big boy is cruising around Lagos with a babe dressed to the nines, in his dad's spanking new SUV with enough "pocket money" to put your salary to shame. It is not at all strange to have a 28 year old who has NEVER worked for a day in his or her life in Nigeria but "earns" a six figure "salary" from parents for doing absolutely nothing.
I see them in my office once in a while, 26 years old with absolutely no skills to sell, apart from a shiny CV, written by his dad's secretary in the office. Of course, he has a driver at his beck and call and he is driven to the job interview. We have a fairly decent conversation and we get to the inevitable question - so, what salary are you looking to earn? Answer comes straight out - N250,000.00. I ask if that is per month or per annum.

Of course it is per month. Oh, why do you think you should be earning that much on your first job? Well, because my current pocket money is N200,000.00 and I feel that an employer should be able to pay me more than my parents. I try very hard to compose myself, over parenting is in my opinion the greatest evil handicapping the Nigerian youth. It is at the root of our national malaise.

We have a youth population of tens of millions of who are being "breastfed and diapered" well into their 30s. Even though the examples I have given above are from parents of considerable affluence, similar patterns can be observed from Abeokuta to Adamawa! Wake up mum! Wake up dad! You practically love your children to death! No wonder corruption continues to thrive. We have a society of young people who have been brought up to expect something for nothing, as if it were a birth right.

I want to encourage you to send your young men and women (anyone over 20 can hardly be called a child!) out into the world, maybe even consider reducing or stopping the pocket money to encourage them to think, explore and strive. Let them know that it is possible for them to succeed without your "help".

Take a moment to think back to your own time as a young man/woman, what if someone had kept spoon feeding you, would you be where you are today? No tree grows well under another tree, children that are not exposed to challenges, don't cook well. That is why you see adults complaining, "my parents didn't buy clothes for me this Christmas", ask him/her how old are you? 30 years +. Because of the challenges we faced in our youth, we are where and what we are today. This syndrome of “my children will not suffer what I suffered” is destroying our tomorrow.

Deliberately, reduce their allowance or mum-don't cook on Saturday till late afternoon or evening-do as occasion deserve.

I learnt the children of a former Nigerian head of state with all the stolen (billions) monies in their custody, still go about with security escort as wrecks. They are on drugs, several times because of the drug, they collapse in public places. The escort will quickly pack them and off they go, what a life! No one wants to marry them.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.- Henry Ford. Hard work does not kill; everything in Nigeria is going down, including family settings. It is time to cook our children, preparing them for tomorrow. We are approaching the season in Nigeria where only the RUGGED, will survive. How will your ward fare?

If the present generation of Nigerian pilots retires, will you fly a plane flown by a young Nigerian pilot, If trained in Nigeria ? People now have first class, who cannot spell GRADUATE or read an article without bomb blast! Which Way Nigeria ?, Which Way Nigerians!! Is this how we will ALL sit and watch this country SINK? Says my friend…………..

I rest my case for now.

Anyways, help me wish those young adults who are above 28 and still living with their parents, who still dress like “Wiz Kid” and  sagging trousers “Happy Children’s Day”.

Once more, I'd say Thanks Ayo for the piece. Do let us have your comments, additions and dis-agreements

Business Name Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria

Hello all,
I wish to share this piece, its actually a pratical experience on how you can create your own enterprise. Simply put, to register your own Business Name in Nigeria

I had always had these feeling to start my own business. even though am yet to start anything tangible. It feels good when you at least scratch the surface.
Now I like to start clean and professional, I aim high as far as circumstances will allow me.
So it started with a journey to the Corporate Affairs Commission at Alagomeji, Yaba.
The procedure is as follows:
You purchase an availability search form for N250.
Enter in your chosen business names, you are allowed to input two options.
Fill and complete other required details, then submit the form. Make sure your contact phone number is written on the form and can receive text, as this will be used to contact you.
Within two weeks, you should receive a text from CAC notifying you of the status of your search.
Your next point of call is to visit the CAC office with a copy of your receipt/teller, which ever you were given when you purchased the form.
A print-out will be given to you informing you of the availability of the name, and also notify you that the name has been reserved for the next 60 days.
At this point, you may proceed if you so wish to proceed, you purchase the form for application for business registration – N500. Fill and complete the required details. You will be mandated to get a sworn affidavit along with the form.
The form and other details will be verified by a C.A.C. official and given to another officer who will duplicate the form in printer copy this time around. Yu will be shown the printed copy to confirm its okay and correct.
After your confirmation, another round of approval will be gotten. The form for application for business registration is handed over to you.
Now the next process is for you to pay for the certificate, this cost N5000. You keep the teller and submit the form to the bank officer.
Now its uhuru, check back after two weeks to collect your certificate. Its very likely you receive an alert earlier than this timeline informing you your certificate is ready.

Keep checking on the blog, I will be publishing how to register your own Limited company in Nigeria soon.